Ismael Izhiman

General Manager Palestine Business Unit

Ismail Izhiman is the General Manager of Siniora Food Industries Palestine site and is responsible for executing the company´s strategy and business plan set by the board of directors to achieve sustainable and profitable businessIzhiman joined Siniora in 1999, starting as the sales supervisor, then sales manager and export manager, in which he developed Siniora´s operations in the Arab, in particular Gulf, markets. In 2009, he moved to Palestine to become Siniora ´s sales and marketing manager, resulting in an unprecedented large increase in sales. To achieve this success, Izhiman implemented a number of tough strategies and resourcing decisions that established a strong staff base with good experience to accommodate market fluctuations and changes. Prior to working at Siniora, Izhiman worked in his family’s auditing office. Izhiman was born in 1974 and graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing Science from Baghdad University, Iraq in 1997.