Ali Aggad

Member of the Board of Directors

Ali Aggad is currently Director of portfolio companies at Foursan group. He is also the chairperson of the board of the National Aluminum Profiles Company (NAPCO) and advisor to the board of the Arab Palestinian investment Company (APIC).

Before that, Ali was the Chief operating officer of the Arab Palestinian Investment company (APIC) (2007-2017), acting as oversight for the operations of subsidiaries and responsible for the strategy development and deployment process of the group.

During his work with APIC he represented the company in various boards such as holding the position of Chairman of Board of the Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers Company (2005 to 2017), Unipal Central, and West Africa (2010 to 2015). He is also the former CEO of Unipal-GTC (2001-2007) and General Manager of Siniora (Palestine) (1999-2001).

Ali started his career working for Procter and Gamble as Process Engineer and QA Manager. Ali received a BS in Chemical Engineering, 1st class rank from the Jordan University of Science & Technology and MBA with distinction from London Business School.