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  Environmental Policy
  The protection of the environment and compliance with regulations and environmental legislation are the most important priorities of Siniora Food Industries Company. Accordingly, the company has established the following environmental objectives, which will be reviewed periodically through management review:-
  1. Developing and improving the environmental awareness among employees through appropriate training on environmental management system in order to help them develop their skills and to participate in minimizing the negative impacts on local environment.
  2. Working to reduce any pollutants that may result from the industrial water by treating it via the wastewater treatment unit.
  3. Applying an effective procedure for solid and liquid waste management, with continuous improvement to reduce these wastes from the source.
  4. Developing and applying of the emergency plan and raise the level of response to emergency conditions.
  5. Working on rationalization of energy and water consumption.
  6. Working to reduce the depletion of natural recourses and contentiously searching for more environmentally friendly alternatives. 
  7. Adhering and complying with the Jordanian regulations, laws and legislation and other requirements, for the preservation of local environment.
  8. Reduction of any pollution that can result from different processes in the company.
  9. Working to reduce the level of noise emitted from the various production machines.

To achieve all these goals the company is committed to a clear environmental policy summarized as follows: -

  1. Create an environmental management system in conformity with the international standard ISO 14001 requirements.
  2. Complying with environmental laws and local legislation or any other requirements of the relevant parties.
  3. The obligation to preserve the environment and prevent pollution by all possible available means now or in the future, and the provision of machinery and materials that help within the financial and technical capabilities available.
  4. Provide effective communication with parties concerned with the environment inside and outside the company and the ongoing coordination of the application of environment management system effectively and provide any information on the environmental management system to private entities and public upon request.

Continuous training and ongoing awareness on the environmental management system and methods of preservation of the environment and respond to emergencies.

All this is can be summarized in this model:

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